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How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer: 5 Ingredients of a Strong Resume

Today, freelance writing professionals have many working opportunities. However, they have to try hard in order to get dream jobs, because the competition is strong. So, if you want to become a successful writer you will need to create a strong resume in order to be able to fill a vacant writing position. Additionally, you should realize that HR managers receive dozens of CVs each day, so you’ll have to grab their attention and give the most important details in brief. You can add the following key ingredients to your resume in order to ensure that it stands out.

Simplicity and Explicitness: Keep It Short and Simple

Limit yourself to two pages. It is better to organize your writing either by skills, or by chronology. However, it is recommended to outline your abilities and mention the projects that you have completed successfully; as employers value experience, more than chronology, when they are looking for freelance writers.

Relevance to the Job Position: Readjust Your Resume

You should not make the common mistake of sending the same CV to different clients. It is necessary to modify it, and make sure that it includes relevant experience, and details to the position that you are applying for. A strong resume shows your particular competences and abilities, so you should avoid mentioning everything.

A Good Style: Choose the Words Carefully

Remember that you are applying for a writing position; therefore, you must choose the right words and phrases in order to show the HR managers that you are an excellent writer. You should not use clichés or descriptions that make you look the same as the other candidates. Take your time, edit, and proofread your resume carefully.

Samples of Your Works: Add Information About Where to Find Your Works

The best evidence of your skill is your work. You should choose the best samples and attach them to your documents. It is also a good idea to provide links to your previous clients or projects. Employers often ask freelance applicants to do so, yet many of them still do not indicate where their work can be found.

A Link to Your Website: Show Your Presence on the Web

Today, a professional freelance writer should have his or her own website. It is the best advertisement where you can demonstrate samples of your texts, projects, services, clients, and more. If your social media accounts heighten your professional skills, you may also include them in your resume.


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