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How To Begin The Career Of A Freelance Novel Writer

Writing novels seems to be the latest fad and with good reason. Anyone can strike gold by writing the winning story line, so many investors are seeking to catch that book for a small price. This is where you come in. Give them what they want. Here are some guidelines for starting a career as a freelance novel writer:

  1. Keep up with the entertainment industry
  2. The entertainment industry is a trendy one and the literature industry follows these trends just as much as any other. This means most, if not all, of the employers seeking writers will want you to write on trending topics and ideas. For instance, if the last bestseller was a book about sexy bagpipe players, they will be asking for novels based on either bagpipes or musicians.

  3. Let go of yourself
  4. Sometimes, if not all the time, the topic the client requests you to write on will be partially against your principles. This may sound shallow but it may be quite necessary to let go of your personal inhibitions in order to succeed in this market. I’m not suggesting you totally violate your morality just be more open to different ideas.

  5. Start keeping a list of your original but less impressive ideas
  6. Quite often during our daily routine we have a silly thought, and don’t pay it much attention as we move on with our business. These little ideas can prove brilliant as a writer and should not be dismissed. Make a habit of always keeping writing material with you, a pad or any smart device will suffice.

  7. Immerse yourself in the topic as much as you can
  8. You may not particularly like the topic you are writing about and this may be the case for all your novels. It is important to remember this and encourage yourself to maintain an interest in the topic. This will help the words to flow better and eventually allow you to construct a sufficiently well written book.

  9. Remember this is not high paying work
  10. It may be an income but it is crucial to remember that this is not high paying work. Therefore speed should be prioritized over quality up to a certain point. It is necessary for any novel to have a plot, character development and a climax but don’t go out of your way to produce a master piece when your employer may not really care either way.


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