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A Guide to Freelance Writing: How to Start Your Career Successfully

Starting a freelance writing career is a big step for any writer. There are several things you need to do early in the process to give your career a boost. Be prepared to work hard and establish a routine that will help you achieve the success you want. A freelance writer has the freedom to produce content for anyone they wish. They can develop their skills while obtaining clients that will appreciate their time and efforts. In order to stay on track with your freelance career you want to take the following steps to help you get off to a good start.

  • Assess your writing abilities and interests to understand which genres you can produce quality copy. A successful freelance career starts with what you know best. Plan to produce copy for certain genres of interest. Have an idea of what you can produce well and what you are willing to learn more about. As you start getting familiar with writing markets this information will help you find places to start applying for jobs.
  • Have a work schedule established and create a basic itinerary to help you get into a routine. A work schedule of a freelance writer can vary due to flexibility. This means you can create a schedule based on your living situation. Have a designated time and area that will encourage you to write. Determine how many hours a day you will devote toward writing jobs.
  • Have a website that acts as your portfolio and a way for clients to contact you. A basic website that details your writing background is important. You can have a way for people to contact you such as by email or phone. Present your experience in areas you have written and provide links to places online you have work displayed.
  • Have writing samples ready to help you apply for jobs. You can have a few samples ready based on what you like to write about. Make sure they are free of errors and have overall good presentation to let clients know what to expect from you.
  • Have a basic list of writing sources to help you find jobs including job lead sites, trusted blogs and publications for writers. Freelance writers often have a basic list that may include other freelance writers to help them get off on the right foot.

Professional Aspects Of Freelance Writing Career