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How to Avoid Pitfalls in Your Freelance Writing Career: Tips for Newbies

If you can work as a freelance writer, you can all kinds of unique benefits. You can work from home, set your own hours, and choose your own jobs. With time and good references, you can set your own fees and you can make a good living from the job. As you work towards becoming a successful writer, avoid these pitfalls, newbies.

Tips for Newbies

  • References and Samples are Important: Prospective clients will want to see samples of your work. If you can show them a variety of different samples, then a customer could possibly use you for different jobs. In addition to having samples, if you have references then you can further increase your odds of getting jobs.
  • Price Low at First: You will want to make money from the job, obviously. However, at first you may have to charge a lower fee. You have to pull in clients in order to build up your portfolio. And if a client is willing to take a risk on newbie, then the price needs to be desirable.
  • Repeat Clients: I am to the point in my career where 90% of my work comes from repeat clients. I no longer have to hunt for jobs the majority of the time. If you do your best, meet your deadlines, and are professional, then you may be able to get repeat clients.
  • Be Professional: Even though you may be working in your pajamas while seated on your couch, you still need to be very professional in your dealings.
  • Deadline: You need to make your deadlines. People are waiting on your work and their job depends on the work. If for some reason you cannot make the deadline, you need to email the client immediately and explain the circumstances. Deadlines are to always be met.
  • Do Not Take on More than You Can Do: you may get excited and want to do every job offered to you. Do yourself a favor and only take on the jobs you can finish. You do not want to spread yourself to thin.
  • Use a Third Party Company with an escrow System: If you find your work through a third party company who uses an escrow system, you will never have to worry about getting paid. You can concentrate on your writing instead. There are many companies to be found online.

Professional Aspects Of Freelance Writing Career