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Freelance Business Writing Jobs: How to Meet the Needs of Your Client

Writing for businesses puts the freelancer in an odd position. You work for the company but aren’t an employee. You exist as a consultant or contractor on the periphery of everyday activities; you give your contribution and then leave. This can make you lots of money if you do it right but it can also give you a bad name if you do badly. Here are some of the steps you should take to meet your client’s needs:

Carefully read the details of the job

Some jobs are simple enough that you feel tempted to merely skim your instructions and get started. Many a writer has fallen into that trap before you and lived to regret it. Treat freelancing like your job and do it meticulously. A tiny word like ‘not’ can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Also, find definitions for any jargon you have never seen before. This will also help you use it in your own writing later for the client.

Ask the client questions

At the end of your thorough reading of the job requirements, if you are in any way uncertain, ask the client what the really meant. It’s no shame to need additional clarification and even clients who complain that you should be more self-sufficient often mellow out once the see how much better your work is for it.

Research the client for clues to hidden requests

Something as simple as a quick search online can yield hidden gems about the client that can help you cater to their needs in ways they didn’t think to mention. This is because they are so saturated in their own organizational culture that they don’t even notice it anymore. Fish don’t see the water either. Find out what values they hold dear and you can weave them skilfully into your writing.

Research the client’s competitors to top them

If the client has competitors who have released similar materials to the ones you’re compiling get your hands on a copy. You can make notes about where they were successful and where they fell flat and improve your work so it specifically addresses all those flaws. This allows you to meet another need the client might not have mentioned aloud.

If you write in multiple fields you r business clients will often pay best. Treat them well s they return and you will benefit too.


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