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How To Become A Professional Freelance Copywriter: Vital Advice

Many people like the idea to work as freelancers. Flexible working hours and other benefits of freelancing are very appealing. The problem is that many freelancers don’t earn a lot of money. However, if you set the right goals and follow proper steps, you’ll be able to become a professional online copywriter.

How to Start Your Career

  1. Take writing courses.
  2. A professional copywriter should have excellent writing skills. Taking writing courses will help you become a better writer and prevent you from making silly little mistakes. If you have a degree in English or journalism, for example, you may not need to take additional courses.

  3. Learn about SEO.
  4. Search engine optimization is something that every copywriter should know about. Your texts should meet the requirements of search engines and be as unique as possible. If you don’t provide your customers with SEO-friendly texts, your reputation won’t grow.

  5. Write a few samples.
  6. If you claim that you’re professional, you’ll need to prove this to your clients. Sample works are the best evidence. Create a few articles that will demonstrate your competency level to potential clients. Put a lot of effort in these examples and make sure that they don’t contain mistakes.

  7. Create a professional website.
  8. If you have a personal online resource, people will take you more seriously. Moreover, this is a very convenient way to showcase your services. Leave your background information, contact details, and sample articles on your website. If you can, hire a professional designer to create a website for you.

How to Find Clients

  1. Link your website to social networks.
  2. This will make a lot of people notice you. Ask your friends in social networks to share links to your website too in order to spread the word more effectively.

  3. Visit job boards.
  4. Websites like this great resource contain plenty of vacancies for different types of freelancers. You’re likely to find reliable potential customers there.

  5. Take the initiative.
  6. If there are some companies or organizations that you’d like to write for, contact them electronically or by phone and offer your services.

Keep in mind that you aren’t likely to earn a lot of money from the very start. In the beginning, you’ll have only a few customers, but if you take your job seriously and provide excellent services, your reputation will grow and plenty of new clients will ask for your help. When the demand on your services grows, you should increase your prices.


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