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Useful Tips For Freelancers: How To Write Songs For Money Effectively

The writing of songs has always been an important part of an artist’s career. While some can write and perform their own material, many rely on the songs written by others. There is no one genre of music that relies on songs written by other people.

Stick To What You Know

When carrying out research as to what makes a good song, it can be very tempting to tackle another genre. In the first instance you should write songs that you feel comfortable with, you will be surprised how a song can change genre with a few simple tweaks.

Ensure Your Song Has a Structure

While some off-the-wall songs do achieve chart and financial success, a good structure within a song will give listeners something that they can comfortably listen to. Do your homework by listening to songs that influence you and note how the song’s structure is laid out. You don’t have to copy the exact structure, but it will give you an insight as to why some songs are more popular than others

Complete a Rough Draft of Your Song

You should treat songwriting in the same way you would when writing an essay or thesis. Firstly, write down all the ideas and lyrics that come to mind, and then go over them again until they start fitting together. If you do find yourself with “writer’s block” then take a few minutes out to relax.

Try and Perform the Song Live

Getting your song heard can be quite difficult, but playing it live at local bars and coffee shops will begin the process. Once you have some feedback from the listeners, you can use this to your advantage when you attempt to sell the composition.

Try and Enlist a Manager

While you can probably carry out much of what’s need on your own, a manager in the industry can put you in front of contacts that weren’t possible before. Of course, you need to ensure that hiring a manager is in your best interests, but it’s certainly an option worth considering.

Stay Organized

Putting together a song along with its sales pitch can be like completing a complicated dissertation. But keep records of who you have contacted, stay focused and most importantly don’t give up. There may be songs you have written that are not required at the moment but don’t let that distract you from your goals.


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