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How To Find Good Motivation To Become A Freelance Writer

Freelancing is one of the most increasing careers in both developing and developed nations with US on top, India on second and Pakistan on third number. Freelancers choose to work on their own and without a boss because they want to pursue a career with their own preferences. Most of the people who belong to the art or such professions will pick to be self-employed like designers, programmers and writers. These people like to work on their own methodology and are able to get innovative ideas only when they are allowed to experiment and think freely. Usually such is not possible when you have a permanent employer and cannot switch your job no matter how monotonous it is.

If you have passion for becoming an artist or expose your true talents, then the above should already be enough of a reason for you to get started as a freelancer. However, some people have other priorities and preferences as well. It is more about having a realistic approach towards life because what you earn from this passion will be your sole source of earning. In order to make it easier and help you find your motivation, here are some ideas you should consider

  1. It lets you be yourself
  2. As discussed above, you do not have to follow a set of company policies and rules rather create what you like. Even if one client does not agree with your idea, someone else will buy it because the world is looking for ideas

  3. It pays well
  4. 45% of the freelancers say that they are earning more or equal to their previous permanent jobs. This should save you from worrying about the expenses and living costs etc. You do not have to commute to a work place or dress up daily so that will save you extra money

  5. No restriction to progress
  6. Unlike a job career, there is no restriction to progress in freelancing. You do not need promotions or are bound to only achieve a certain position in your career so you get enough space for learning and experimenting

  7. You choose your own work hours
  8. You are free to work during the night and sleep during the day or work in short hours whenever you feel like

  9. No salary deductions
  10. There are no deductions on late coming, absenteeism etc.

  11. No job insecurity
  12. You are not insecure about your career because you have tons of clients to bid and pick from


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