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Great Advice On How To Start Your Freelance Writing Career

Just about everyone wants to be a freelancer these days and with good reason, the idea of working from home and managing your own working hours is quite appealing. Before you quit your job and buy a laptop there are some things you should know about freelancing. Here are seven tips for starting a successful career as a freelance writer:

  1. Have a good grasp of English
  2. Most jobs you will find online will be asking for native English speakers. Though you may be able to still have a career without English it is advisable to acquire good skills in English since this market is the most promising one. If you aren’t already a native English speaker, brush up on your skills, take a course if you must, it will be worth it.

  3. Learn many literary skills
  4. Many job types will be requested and it is advantageous to you if you posses all the requested skill sets. Browse the commonly requested job types, make note of which skills are commonly requested and take the time to acquire them.

  5. Construct a good profile
  6. Employers will want to give their jobs to the best writer they can afford so they will pay close attention to the profiles of each applicant before selecting the most desirable one. Spare no effort in creating your profile and be sure to include a sample piece of work you have done to best advertise your literary capabilities. Your profile will be your first impression so make it a good one.

  7. Register with a host company
  8. There are many companies dedicated to hosting freelancers and job offers online, making teach available to both parties. Do a simple web search and you will find many of these companies. Simply select one from the list based on your personal preferences and you are ready to look for work.

  9. Take any job
  10. Remember, you are a beginner with no reputation so you cannot afford to be picky about your job selection. At this stage in your career you must focus on building a good name for yourself as a writer, the high paying jobs will come later.

  11. Work hard at your reputation
  12. Your pay may be a reflection of your reputation so cherish it and work hard at it. Always maintain high working standards.

  13. Improve skills
  14. After you have established yourself as a writer with good earnings don’t forget to continue expanding your skill set.


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