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5 Traits of a Professional Medical Freelance Writer

Finding freelance writers with general knowledge is rather easy; but if you are in the market for a medical writer, your options are limited. While general freelance writers are a dime-a-dozen, writers with knowledge in the medical field are harder to find. The problem comes from the fact that there are so many well-paying careers in the medical field that there is no need for medical professionals to seek out writing opportunities. Medical professionals are often too busy working with patients and clients to add writing to their days. Fortunately, there are some writers who can meet the needs of clients looking for writers for their medically related projects. Here are five traits that clients should consider before hiring a medical writer:

  1. Love of the subject. When a writer truly enjoys writing about a subject, it shows in the quality of their craft. The voice of the project has more honesty and professionalism than the voices of writers who are just going through the motions.
  2. Working vocabulary. There are so many technical terms in the medical field and many of them are specific to subcategories in the field. A good medical writer will have general knowledge of medical terms and knows how to find and understand specialty terms that you need in your project.
  3. Communication skills. Professional medical freelance writers need to communicate well. They need to be able to ask questions that will get the answers they need. They need to know how to both read complex texts and write for a medical community. Without strong communication skills as a writer, reader, thinker, and listener, a medical freelance writer will be unable to share the ideas that you need shared.
  4. Experience. Some writers have the ability to write about any topic with ease. This comes with experience and comfort with the written word. When it comes to medical freelance writers, you might be better off hiring an experienced general writer rather than a rookie medical freelance writer. If you are in doubt about any writer’s skills, you can always hire a few writers for trial projects so you can see who will fit your needs the best.
  5. Positive feedback. If you are using a freelance writing site to find your medical writers, always check out the feedback the writer has received. You can look at the feedback and number of repeat clients, as well as the way that the writer responded to any negative (and positive) comments.

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