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Freelance Writing Jobs: How to Work From Home Efficiently

If you are considering working from home, and you want to do freelance writing jobs, there are a few things that you want to factor in. As you want to be sure that your workspace is set up properly and you make good use of your time, keep these key points in mind:


  • Your internet connection should be fast and efficient. Internet connections should be uninterrupted, so writing at a library might not be best for you. As you will be required to have a steady internet connection, you want to make sure that you set this up with your cable service, and that there are no delays, as this could affect different projects that you're on. Also, you may not want to write from a tablet as you will likely tire from the small keyboard. Ensure that you are on a desktop or laptop, and it’s reliable with virus protection, and your screen is easy to view so it’s easier on your eyes.
  • You want to make sure that you have a good working computer. The benefit of this is that you can easily transition from one website to another, obtain the research that you need and your information is stored and won’t be lost or destroyed with a virus or power outage.
  • You also want to ensure that you keep track of your schedule. By using effective time management, you can set up a schedule that works for you and is convenient. For example if you have kids and you have to pick them up at a certain time, you can allocate and block out windows of time with which you can you do your articles.
  • Another area that can help you, to streamline your efforts, is to do a lot of research in terms of the best freelance websites. You may want to look at a company like Freelancer because they are one of the first names that pop up, only to realize through their research and recommendations, that they only receive on average 1 out of 5 stars because the writers are not happy with the service. On sites like Elance or oDesk, you may find that the ratings are much higher.
  • You also want to check into blogs that can help you with offering several website that you can reference at once. For example you may find that you can google the best money making work from home careers and find that there's a list of things that you can come up with and you can select the ones you want from there. Because they have been tested, this will help you to find one location that has a lot of different pieces of information where you can check into each one instead of doing just random searches that can slow you down.

As you gather your sites to visit and you start prepping all the details on you computer, you will soon see that you can be up and running in no time as you write freelance online.


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