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Freelance Writers Needed: How to Prepare Yourself to Become Competitive

Twenty years ago, writers only had to compete with other people in their city. Fellow writers in the area had similar costs of living and skill sets. With the availability of the Internet, modern writers have to compete with individuals from around the world. People who are located in third-world nations undercut with prices that are unmatchable by first-world writers. In order to become competitive in the field of freelance writing, individuals have to learn new ways to make their portfolio and resume stand out from the crowd.

Prepare Mentally

To keep getting projects, a writer has to continuously bid on new work assignments. For sensitive individuals, this can lead to emotional trauma. Out of every ten jobs that the writer applies to, they may only get one or two. Among newer writers, this number could even be zero. Before starting a career in this industry, writers have to be prepared for constant criticism and failed job proposals.

Learn How to Write Well

Someone in the Philippines or Indonesia can charge just a couple of dollars an hour. Writers from industrialized nations will never be able to compete with these writers on cost. Instead, they can rise to the top through the quality of their work. Writing high-quality, grammatically correct prose is a must-have for any competitive freelancer. If the jobs are not coming in, the first thing that individuals should look at is the quality of their writing. Bad prose or confusing copy will only drive potential clients away.

Get a New Degree

A college degree is not a requirement for a freelancer, but it always helps. The degree does not have to be in the field of writing. Often, science degrees will lead to extremely lucrative jobs. By getting a degree in a different field of study, writers can develop an expertise. This will enhance the number and quality of assignments that are given to the writer.

Apply Frequently

Writers cannot be awarded a job that they have not applied for. Even if they are normally turned down for work, this should not stop them from applying. Every client has different needs, so they look for a variety of writers. By applying for a wide range of projects, writers increase the chances that they will be hired. It also allows them to try out writing in different subject areas. Even if someone normally writes science articles, they may discover that researching nutrition and exercise is a better choice.


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