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Freelance Copywriter’s Job Description: A Quick Guide

Freelance copywriters are usually employed on a short or long-term project basis to develop well-written advertising concepts for a client. Usually a freelance writer will work closely with a client’s creative team, but on some occasions he or she may be asked to develop concepts and submit for approval.

In the simplest terms, a copywriter’s job is to generate words, phrases, slogans and sometimes audio scripts to go along with a client’s advertising visuals. The typical process of creating copy involves:

  • Discussing a client’s target audience and central message
  • Brainstorming both copy and visual ideas with members of a creative team
  • Drafting and presenting different options for a client’s review
  • Revising content until a client is satisfied and gives approval
  • And sometimes overseeing the production stage to ensure the message remains clear

Freelance copywriters will usually set their own schedules and can agree to work with a single client on a full-time basis (40+ hours per week) or on short projects that may take up just a few hours.

Usually, writers can work from a home office, but on some occasions in-person meetings are preferred, especially when working as part of a creative team.

Skills that are most often sought by clients include finding a freelance copywriter who is:

  • Highly imaginative and creative
  • Works well individually and as part of a team
  • Can work extremely well under pressure or deadline
  • Have great written and verbal communication skills
  • And have an exceptional eye for detail

Entry into the career is extremely competitive, but this is largely because there are so many independent service providers who promote their writing skills across a broad spectrum of job opportunities. For instance, someone who is skilled in writing resumes or technical papers might very well apply for opportunities to produce copy for various clients or firms.

Training usually occurs “on-the-job” and can continue for many years. In fact, it’s generally accepted that one doesn’t ever really stop learning the craft, as advertising trends and ideas are constantly evolving. Because of this it’s expected that a copywriter have an interest in popular culture, current political trends and more.

Though it may be hard to get started, this career path can be quite lucrative with junior professionals making anywhere between $25,000 -- $35,000 per year to start, and senior professional making anywhere between $50,000 to $85,000 per year when working on full-time.


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