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A Guide to Freelance Writing: How to Get a Profitable Job without a Degree

One of the greatest things about the field of freelance work is that you do not need a high degree to get started. You do not need a college degree to succeed and truly make a living.

  • Make sure you craft a complete and comprehensive profile. Just because your review section and feedback might be minimal, does not mean your experience and skills section has to be too. You can add a great deal of information about your work history, your resume, your skills, and more to ensure that people who click on your profile won’t just see four words and a blank photo space. Add a professional photo. Do not pick a photo of yourself at a college party or one from childhood. Pick a legitimate photo that is full on, much like the style of a passport photo. Having a legitimate, high quality photo, and not one that is distanced or blurred will work wonders for potential clients.
  • What is great about working online is that you can emphasize something other than your degree. You can emphasize previous work, a portfolio, skills, etc… You can emphasize what you love to do and how you apply that to your work. Then anyone who wants to hire you will look at that profile and see what you want them to see.
  • If you really have a passion for a particular niche, such as legal writing, then make sure you bid on every legal writing job you can find. Craft unique bids and explanations as to why you are the best suited person for the job. Explain your real experience and your passion for the field. Even if you are not as experienced as other freelance writers, someone who is posting a job will more often than not go for the individual with the most amount of experience, personalization, or passion. If they find two highly qualified individuals, one of whom is highly ranked and reviewed but has no real passion for law, and the other who is brand new to the site but has a great love of the law, they will opt for the latter. This can lead to a lot of work.
  • Remember too, that just because you are new or inexperienced does not mean you should take on every job you are given. If you read reviews of the client who is offering a job and they are all negative, avoid that client. It is not worth it.

Professional Aspects Of Freelance Writing Career