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The Advantage of Freelance Writing Jobs in Magazines: A Brief Introduction

If you are a good writer, have a special interest or a few special fields, and you want to make money from home, then you can write for magazines and journals as your job or in your free time. The advantages are amazing, you can make money, work from home, enjoy your hobby, and select your field to freelance.

  • Make Money
  • Whether you want to do this fulltime or part-time, you will soon see that the pay rate is nice. At first you may start at a lower scale, but after a few jobs, you can increase your fee. You could make a full living off of the job if you wanted to do. If you are just looking for a little extra cash to supplement another salary, that too is a possibility.

  • Work from Home and Other Neat Places
  • The idea that you could do this from home is what makes the job appealing to so many people. If you are retired, have small children, are a student, need extra cash, or want this to be you job; you can work from your couch, bedroom, table, or even on an airplane. The job location is perfect.

  • Enjoy Your Hobby
  • If you are an expert in a hobby or in several interests, look for magazines in that area. You can actually earn pay for knowing about your favorite hobby. The freelance position will not even seem like work to you!

  • Pick Your Pieces
  • If you enroll with one of the online job sites, you can bid on the pieces that interest you. The person wanting the work will post an ad, and essentially you will give him or her the fee and the reasons why they should hire you. You never have to do any work that you do not want to do; you pick the pieces. Just make sure that you meet all your deadlines and do not take on more work than you can handle.

The advantages of freelance writing in magazines are you can make money, you can work the jobs from home or other places, you can earn money from your hobby, and you control the pieces you select to write. All of these amazing advantages to being a freelancer make the job the perfect position if you are a writer or someone good at writing who enjoys the craft.


Professional Aspects Of Freelance Writing Career