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The Essentials Of Freelance Content Writing For Beginners

There are many individuals and companies that need content written for their various projects. It is a growing industry because of the internet and the large amount of businesses that are part of the e-commerce. They need solid blogs and promotional pieces to promote their products. If you are a good writer and you are looking to make some extra money, you may be able to be a freelance content writer.

There is a lot of money to be made in this industry and here are some essentials that will help you begin your journey.

  1. Create a portfolio
  2. Create a portfolio that shows off the different types of papers that you have written. Choose the best pieces that you have written. If you wrote a paper for a client, you have to ask their permission before using it in your portfolio because you likely gave away your ownership when you turned it over to them. You can take the time to write some just for your portfolio as well.

  3. Join a site
  4. There are sites that can connect you with clients. You should join one of their sites. It is the best way to get started because you can create a profile and bid on jobs. Most sites will also allow you to create a profile on their site so that you can have them looking for you and asking you to submit a proposal for their jobs if you meet their requirements.

  5. Create a website
  6. Use a program to set up your own website that you can use to promote your services. Add the site to your business cards and give that information to your potential clients in your proposal. It will help them take you seriously and you can showcase customer reviews and other promotional tools. Add a coupon code to track who came to your site and then used that information to offer you a job. This will help you see if your website is converting visitors to clients.

These are the three most important ways to start off your freelance writing career. They will help you gain clients and showcase the skills that you have so that you can get work and start building a clientele that goes to you for all of their writing needs. You have the ability to write some excellent papers and make a bunch of money.


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