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Where To Get Well-Paid Jobs For Freelance Medical Writers

This article shows you where to get well-paid jobs for freelance medical writers. It also advises you on how to assess whether these areas are the best sources for specialized writing work that pays well. There are also a few warnings on things to look out for and what not to do while prospecting for work.

Having the right medical kit

Before you even begin looking for medical writing work you need to take into account whether you are well-qualified to do this specialized form of journalistic work.

While there are many editors out there who say that you don’t need a college degree to become an accomplished writer, for the purposes of your mission here it is also ideal that you prepare yourself to do a post-grad degree specializing in a field of medicine that interests you.

The work you need to put in

The best paid medical journalism produces quality content that you will be proud of. More importantly, experts who read your work may agree with what you have written. Better still, they may approach you and ask whether you wouldn’t mind doing an assignment for them.

Research is a key component of your professional work. The best journalists also know how to invoice correctly their clients for the time spent producing exemplary journalism worthy of a Pulitzer.

The best places to go

There are many places to search for writing work. These are just some of the best places that could get you a foot in the door.

Begin by sourcing the best-known quality magazines in the country. Avoid tabloid rags. Also approach the pharmaceutical companies who will have lots of copywriting work that needs to be done.

Warning signs

Always be wary if prospective employers offer little in return for the work you will be doing for them. If you are familiar with the freelance association rules, you will also be quite familiar with the standard minimum pay rates per word.

Don’t do these things

Most importantly, never sell yourself short. Also, never show your proposed copy before any monetary agreement has been concluded in writing. If you have approached the suggested publications and related companies (and they have made agreements with you in writing), do not invoice them before you have submitted your proposed work.

What this article has shown mainly is how effective you can make the process of looking for writing work specializing in medicine and the health industry in general. By approaching the right people and reputable companies, you will be able to meet and exceed your income targets as a freelance medical writer.


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