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Recommendations On How To Get Your First Freelance Writing Job

If you’re thinking about becoming a freelance writer, you’re probably wondering how you go about getting your first job. Well, here are some great recommendations to help you do just that.

  • If you’re not too fussy about what type of freelance writing work you do, it’s not too difficult to find your first employment. You should consider copywriting, because even though this can start as low pay, there are a lot of opportunities. Have a look on websites where clients post positions. If you start applying for as many as you can, you’ll finally find a biter.
  • If you want a job in a specific field such as travel, sports, fashion or journalism, it’s worth doing a course before you start searching for work. Courses won’t only teach you writing skills but also empower you with detailed knowledge on how to approach magazines and newspapers.
  • Many online magazines and such will have an open submission policy, but you should always check before you send off any articles of your own. Carefully read through the FAQs and terms and conditions and be sure to clearly know what the magazine is looking for. The more you study the types of articles that are featured in said magazine, the easier it will be to craft a piece that fits.
  • There is an increasing demand for academic writers, and this can also be quite lucrative. The more specialized you are in a particular field –such as law or neuroscience for instance- the easier it will be to find work. You will find plenty of websites where positions are offered, so be sure to have a look around and keep up to date with notifications.
  • You could also let the work come to you- but generally you’ll find this happens once you’ve got some experience under your belt. Still, the more professional you are from the beginning and the more business thought you put into your career, the better things will be all round.
  • You should post your profile and services on as many online sites as you can. Get on board with all the popular social networking sites and create your own website.
  • Once you’ve got your first freelance work, build upon it! Get your second and your third… It’s often the way that if you provide quality work, the same clients will hire your services again and recommend you to others. As long as you provide quality work, have a friendly manner and you can stick to deadlines, you’ll do just fine!

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