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How to Become a Successful Freelance Curriculum Writer in 5 Steps

If you want to be a curriculum writer, there are five steps you should follow in order to be successful:

  1. Create a profile on a reputable freelance site. Fill the profile with useful details and information. The same as you would not use a business with a blank Yelp profile, clients won’t want to use you with a blank freelance profile. Have a professional looking photo and a portfolio to show.
  2. Pick a niche. Make sure you have a niche and are up to date on anything that is related to it. For curriculum, you will want to know the newest state and federal requirements.
  3. Be available. Yes, this seems counter productive to the freedom that is often associated with freelance work, but being available regularly is what will truly set you apart at first. You want to be available for professional and fast communication when it is necessary. This will set you apart from the competition, especially if the job is one that is time sensitive.
  4. Be flexible. Part of working as a freelance writer includes the last minute or unpredictable jobs. You may have no plans for Thursday and suddenly you receive two last minute jobs that need to be done that day. You might plan on sitting at home all morning Saturday only to wake up to an email asking if you can have something done in the next twelve hours. In cases like these, you can dedicate just a few hours (if you are flexible) and get a lot of extra money. It is important that you are flexible if you want these extra opportunities but that you do not let your life revolve around the possibility of them. Never sit at home waiting for the prospect of work. Do what you can at any given moment (bid on all current jobs that you want) and then enjoy your life. Remember to check back periodically to see if your bids amounted to anything.
  5. Bid regularly. Make sure that you big regularly and that you check the profile of the person posting the job before you bid. Look for indicators as to what they typically hire such as a history of paying the lowest amount or a history of demanding multiple rewrites and revisions. You can add something about how you include revisions if that is the case or bid a lower amount (if you can afford it).

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