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How Do I Find Freelance Writing Sites That Pay Upfront?

The status of payment in freelance writing is covered in so many shades that those who are out of the ambit carry absurd notions. The general rule is that you write your articles; the employer likes it and pays you.

The coveted options

You can only expect upfront payment if you are writing for homework services or accredited academic sites. If however, you prefer to work as an independent freelancer, you need to seek employers who are either in distress or have a wonderful payment structure.

  • You can demand upfront payment in your application (the payment will be a percentage of the actual one). The chance that your application would be approved depends on your grounding, cover letter and eventual interview. It is there that you make your negotiations.
  • Confident writers often suggest that they cannot step back on the monetary aspect and have an unwritten rule that they won’t work without upfront payment. In the same vein, they assure that the articles will be a piece of treasure.
  • There are typical sorts of writers who can be considered for upfront payments. Experts in certain genre or technical writers belong to this category. Since there are not too many of this comport, it often becomes a seller’s market.
  • You need to type for sites that make upfront payments on Google. You will not return empty-handed as there are a few sites that accord that facility. However there are too many catches and you should read the conditions resolutely. Otherwise you may find yourself in a fix.
  • The best way is to create a profile that speaks for itself and make it a habit of asking for about 25% upfront payment for the work. You can impress with the samples and additionally, also run blogs that are best if followed passionately.
  • One thing is clear; no one wishes to leave writers of merit. You can connect with creative agencies that make regular demand for typical writers, say translation or trends. They are often willing to pay even half the total amount. It helps if you personally know someone in these agencies.
  • All the while, hone your writing skills and keep reading eminent articles to ascertain how the juice of the write-ups should be substantiated. Writing, when done perfectly, can raise emotions to an extreme level.

Make sure that you work on accredited work platforms only. For assurance of payment, you may take on hourly works.


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