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Great Advice On How To Be A Freelance Joke Writer

Freelance writing is quite popular lately and many people are trying their best to find ways of including themselves in this wave of employment and cash making opportunities. Many experienced writers will tell you that it is no walk in the park, however, quite often you are required to work hard for meager wages until you finally catch a break and earn some good pay rates. What makes it even more difficult is that you wish to be successful writing jokes. It can be challenging enough establishing oneself as a general writer, now you wish to compete in a field that is based purely on the opinions of readers and any entertainments entrepreneur will tell you that crowds can be tough. Here are some tips that I hope will hep you establish yourself as a freelance joke writer:

  1. Create a profile clearly representing your skills and successes in your field of choice.
  2. Your profile will usually speak to potential employers before you ever do and a well done profile will do all the talking while you simply accept jobs offers of your choosing. Be sure to include a sample of your work and past accomplishments in your profile, providing links to published works can also be a great plus.

  3. Identify your target market and research it well
  4. Before any business investments, market research is necessary, Use internet sources to find out as much as you can about your target market and its demands, then use this information to equip yourself with the necessary tools for success. Try to avoid already saturated markets where competition is high.

  5. Be vigilant in your attempts to acquire jobs
  6. Many people become freelancers thinking it to be a dream job. While this may be true for many successful individuals, they did not achieve their success without hard work and sacrifice. Be prepared to work for what you may consider, below your pay rate, while acquiring experience and knowledge of the market.

  7. Always seek new avenues to promote yourself
  8. Stagnation is not far from failure and this must be avoided. Keep well informed of current trends and seek to familiarize yourself with new practices and market demands.

  9. Focus on areas where your received the most success
  10. Opportunities are vast if you know how to look and which avenue to capitalize on. It is smart to focus on what you are good at so consider all your ventures and figure out which ones were most successful.


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