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Answering A Popular Question: What Is A Freelance Content Writer

Are you worried because you want to start an online career as a writer? Do you understand the term freelancing and the requirements for such an opportunity? Are you familiar with being a self-employed writer or is it a new direction for you? Do you think it is tough to be a content writer because you do not understand the standards of such writing? Do you have good hold over the English language? Are you a native speaker or can you communicate like one? Is it common for you to work on writing projects relevant to academic assignments? Did you ever consider being an independent writer and quitting your regular job? Do you want to work on a regular job as well as part time writer?

You would definitely have these questions and many similar ones in your mind if you want to start a freelancing career. The first thing we need to look into is the definition of a freelance content writer. This would mean that a person who does not have a permanent employer or a regular 9-5 job and works on his own choice of tasks under content writing usually on the web. In such jobs, you decide your own work schedule and do not need to work on certain hours or uninteresting tasks. You can decide whether you want to work on a certain assignment or not and whether you can complete it in the given deadline

One major disadvantage of these jobs however, is that you do not have fringe benefits, promotions, insurance and other benefits of working with a company. You cannot claim a medical or health insurance because you do not have any employer paying for these expenses. In a regular job, you can save some amount by asking for deductions from your salary for a house, car or a big saving but that will not happen in the freelancing world because you do not have a permanent employer

It is not that a regular job is better or worse than freelancing because both have their own pros and cons. In freelance industry, you do not have to worry about salary deductions for showing up late or being absent from work due to a certain reason. Both kinds of jobs have their own pros and cons and a person should consider both sides before making a selection


Professional Aspects Of Freelance Writing Career